13th October 2017
Hop On Hop Off Boat - The full tourist experience now in lisbon - a boat and a bus all-in-one
Since 20th June it has been possible to see Lisbon from multiple angles, from a boat and an open-top bus, and enjoy the best that the land and the river have to offer...

10th November 2016
Humberto Pedrosa elected ‘Personality of the Year 2015’ by the Luso-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
CEO of Grupo Barraqueiro honoured for advancing socioeconomic relations between Portugal and Brazil

22nd September 2016
“ONE LESS CAR” MOVEMENT Grupo Barraqueiro signs Manifesto
On 22 September, at Lisbon Guildhall, the “One Less Car” Manifesto was signed. The project began in 2009 and aims at inviting citizens to rethink whether they need to use a private car in the city, given the range of alternatives available and the arguments in favour of more sustainable mobility.

17th December 2015
Grupo Barraqueiro launches a book to mark 100 years of business
Grupo Barraqueiro announced the release of the book “Grupo Barraqueiro – 100 anos em imagens” (Grupo Barraqueiro – 100 years in Pictures)to mark being in business for 100 years.

29th May 2015
Humberto Pedrosa awarded medal of merit
Mafra Municpal Council has awarded Humberto Pedrosa, CEO of Grupo Barraqueiro, the Municipal Medal of Merit, Gold Standard, one of the highest honours a municipality can grant.

26th January 2015
Barraqueiro rail services among the most satisfying in Portugal
Metro do Porto, Fertagus and Metro Sul do Tejo, companies managed by Grupo Barraqueiro, recorded the highest general satisfaction index in a poll conducted in Portugal.

26th January 2015
Now we are called GO>Express!
Confidence, Commitment, Discipline, Pride, Professionalism, Responsibility and PASSION, are the key words that officially define the starting point for the rebranding.

5th June 2014
Transportes Urbanos da Cidade de Faro is about to create another milestone in the history of passenger transport.

17th April 2014
Faro to have the first public transport network in Portugal with free Wi-Fi for its users.

26th December 2013
BARRAQUEIRO TRANSPORTES in the forefront of new technology
A new website, Contact Center, Smartphone apps and onboard Wi-Fi are innovations that bring the company closer to its clients...

27th February 2013
AIM, the Independent Mobility Agency was set up on the 27th February with the aim of discussing and identifying mobility development programs in Portugal.

8 October 2012
Satisfied Customers will continue to use Rodoviária de Lisboa
Service Quality Survey shows that customers remain loyal to RL and recommend the company to family and friends.

1 June 2012
Grupo Barraqueiro wins the three accessibility prizes in the transport sector
Grupo Barraqueiro through its subsidiaries, Trevo – Transportes Rodoviários de Évora, Fertagus and Rodoviária de Lisboa -, was awarded three 2011/2012 transport accessibility prizes by the Institute for Mobility and Land Transport (IMTT).

25 January 2012
FERTAGUS ranked one of the Best Companies to work for in Portugal
For the second year running Fertagus was voted one of the Best Companies to work for in Portugal in 2012 and the Best Company in the transport sector in the renowned study conducted annually by the magazine Exame.

16th of September 2011
Fertagus presents its Charter of Principles for a Sustainable Mobility!
In the context of the initiatives developed by Fertagus to mark the European Mobility Week, the company presents today, the 16th of September, a Charter of Principles that is based on five strategic landmarks and defines its commitment to sustainable management.

1 February 2011
Fertagus rated one of the Best Companies to work for in Portugal
Fertagus, the Barraqueiro Group company that operates and manages the North/South Rail Link that includes the Tagus River crossing through the 25th April Bridge, was voted one of the Best Companies to work for in Portugal in 2011 and named the Best Rail Operator by the magazine “Exame” in its prestigious awards list.

26th November 2010
The Company is an example of a sustainable transport operator
Fertagus extends operation to 2019

Fertagus, the Barraqueiro Group company that operates and manages the North/South Rail Link that includes the Tagus River crossing through the 25th April Bridge has seen its rail passenger operation for the North/South link extended to 31st December 2019. It will continue to provide a public service in the metropolitan area and as from next year it will receive no government subsidy.

Évora, 21st September 2010
TREVO the new Barraqueiro Group company working in Evora
Trevo, Transportes de Évora, is the new Barraqueiro Group Company that has been operating since 1st July in Evora. Selected by the Municipal Council, following an international call for tenders, Trevo shall been responsible for providing an urban road service for the next ten years and hopes to reach 13 million passengers over this period.

Lisbon, 16th September 2010
RL launches pioneering technology in Portugal
Under the real time client information project (RTCI), Rodoviária de Lisboa is the first transport operator in Portugal to install technology which, among other things, provides audio information to the visually impaired, reads cards and tickets, and is powered by solar energy.

Amora, 6th of August of 2010
MTS certified from APCER
MTS - Metro Transportes do Sul SA saw its Integrated Management System of Environment, Quality and Safety be certified in the month of August of 2010, from APCER - Portuguese Association of Certification.
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26th February 2010
ViaPORTO Consortium signs contract
The ViaPORTO Consortium, led by Portuguese companies, today signed the Subcontract for the Operating and Maintaining of the Porto Metropolitan Area Light Railway for a period of five years.

28th January 2010
Contract awarded to ViaPORTO consortium
According to an official announcement made today ViaPORTO, a consortium formed by Grupo Barraqueiro, Arriva, Keolis and Manvia, has been awarded a contract for the operation and maintenance of the Oporto subway, worth €170 Million annually. The award has been made as a five year subcontract.

13th January 2010
Barraqueiro at BTL 2010.
Once again the Barraqueiro Group will be at Portugal’s largest tourism fair, the BTL, which up to 17th January will bring thousands of visitors to the FIL (Feira International de Lisboa).

26 November 2009
Fertagus recovers 33% of traction energy and contributes to a 13,000 ton reduction in CO2 emissions.
Last year Fertagus, the Barraqueiro Group Company that operates and manages the North/South rail link, recovered 33% of electrical traction energy, through its train braking system.

9 de Novembro de 2009
In Loures and Lisbon Barraqueiro wins school bus contract.
Barraqueiro Transportes, a company of the Barraqueiro Group and the largest suburban and interurban road passenger transport operator on the Iberian Peninsula, was recently awarded the school bus contract in both Loures and Lisbon.

28 July 2009
The Bridge Train is ten years old.
Tomorrow Fertagus, a Barraqueiro Group company, will celebrate its tenth birthday and also record ten successful years following the launch of the Bridge Train. Today the company carries daily an average of 85,000 passengers, who report a high degree of satisfaction (4.3 on a scale of 1 to 5).

18 June 2009
Metro do Porto operations bid.
«Via Porto» was the name chosen by the consortium led by the Barraqueiro Group for the Metro do Porto operation bid, which is currently being assessed.

23 April 2009
Kéolis, Arriva and Mota Engil as partners - Barraqueiro Group presents consortium to Metro do Porto.
The Barraqueiro Group has today publicly the establishment of the consortium, formed mostly by Portuguese companies, to tender for the operation of Metro do Porto.

4 March 2009
FERTAGUS survey shows that the Tagus rail crossing helps beat stress.
It contributed to a daily reduction of around 20,000 vehicles on Lisbon’s 25th April Bridge in 2008, which accounts for a drop in CO2 emissions of around 13,000 tons a year.
In terms of overall satisfaction, the Fertagus service scored a very positive 4.34, on a scale of 1 to 5.

2 March 2009
Barraqueiro Group applauds award to the city of Almada.
Fertagus and MST worked with Almada Municipal Council on the program of sustainable mobility promoting events that won a European Commission award.

18 February 2009
3% Growth - FERTAGUS carried 22.6 million passengers in 2008.
In 2008 FERTAGUS, the Barraqueiro Group Company that operates and manages the North/South rail link, including the Tagus crossing through the 25th April Bridge, recorded an Operating Profit of €27.5 million, as compared to €25.9 million in 2007.
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